Photos    Susanne Diesner

20m x 8m Projection Mapping. For the official opening ceremony of my university we realised a 1,5h gala show and following concert. We used two 20k laser beamers to project on preinstalled screens and ultimately on the complete wall. In total our screen dimensions were 20m x 8m. In addition we installed a wide range of lighting fixtures to create different “rooms”. Our whole intention was not losing the attention of the audience. To achieve this, we created a highly diverse program with special produced video content, which represent our university from the beginning till now.

In contrast to the modern looking gala show, we used about 300 lighting bulbs to create a moody (“analog viby”) atmosphere in the main hall of our university.

Tools     Vectorworks   GrandMA2   PremierePro   Coolux PandorasBox

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