Unison Festival

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Photos   Nadine Zarges, Jan Roloff, Fritz Willner

Campus Opening Ceremony. In the course of the finished new campus derendorf we organised a free open-air festival at our university. We aimed to create a cosy but also newly appealing look and feel for our visitors.

We build two stages: The main or rather master stage, 20m x 10m x 7,95m, and the B-Stage or bachelor stage with the size of 6m x 5m x 5m. With our lighting rigs we had to please external band lightning operators, who had only limited setup time for their shows, and on the other hand we also needed to create a unique look for the headliner band, which didn’t bring its own lighting crew. Through the support from big partners like PRG Germany, LANG AG and Steinigke Showtechnik we were able to create these rigs, which are uncommon for small-sized stages.

In total we used on the main stage 14x D8+ motor, 62m additional trusses, 19x Clay Parky B-Eye K10, 12x GLP GT1, 14x Martin Mac Viper, 8x SGM Sixpack, 10x SGM Q7W, 6x SGM P5, 5x four light blinders and 2x TourHazer II.

On the B-Stage we used in total 17x Moving Lights, 4x Fairy lights, 12x LED Par Cans, 3x Blinders and one Tour Hazer II. All Stages were operated with a GrandMA2 System.

Tools     Vectorworks   GrandMA2   Depence2
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